First Grade Restaurant Reviews

Check out our students restaurant reviews.

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March Happenings

First grade celebrated the arrival of March with lion and lamb masks. March came in like a lion. Will it go out like a lamb?

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Statue of Liberty

Pennies - Cropped Why is the Statue of Liberty green? We did an experiment to try to find out. Each student put vinegar and salt on a penny and we watched what happened over the course of the afternoon. As you can see, many of the pennies changed color.


Statues of Liberty - CroppedWhile the pennies were oxidizing, we did a directed drawing activity of the Statue of Liberty. The students were excited at how well they turned out.

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Penguins on Parade

It’s penguin time in first grade!  We have spent three weeks learning about penguins of Antarctica.  Last week the students made these darling paper bag penguins.  Now we have a classroom rookery!

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The students have enjoyed Mr. Popper’s Penguins as a read aloud.  We practiced being father penguins and balancing “eggs” on our feet as well as trying to find our babies by calling each other with different sounds.  Boy did that make a racket in our classroom!  Students learned how penguins stay warm by doing a blubber glove experiment in the science lab with Mrs. Wilkowski. She also did a demonstration of how things float better in salt water than in fresh water. We completed the unit today, so now it’s on to sound.

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Math Fact Cards for Practicing at Home

I have made a set of addition fact cards that you can download, print, and cut out to use at home to help your child learn his or her math facts.

Download the complete set here.

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It’s time to discuss your student’s progress in first grade!  If you haven’t signed up for a conference time, please contact Mrs. Vernon in the school office.  I look forward to sharing your child’s successes with you!  See you next week!

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Upcoming Dates

Don’t forget our first field trip of the year is on Thursday, September 26 at 12:00.  Please be sure to return your child’s permission slip by Friday, September 20!

The Room Parent Meeting is on Thursday, September 19 at 3:15.  If you are a room parent for our class please plan to attend.


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Back to School 2013

It’s time to return to school!  I hope you’ve had a great summer vacation!  School begins on
Wednesday, September 4 with Mass at 8:30.  Please plan to attend with your child.  After Mass everyone will gather in the parish hall and students will be dismissed with their teacher.  Your student may bring all of their school supply list items with them.  Be sure to send 2 snacks as we will need some refreshment in the afternoon as well as the morning!   I’m looking forward to seeing the students and starting the school year!

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